21-Day Meditations for Couples

We are excited to share a special experience with couples who seek to thrive in relationship. The 21-Day Meditation for Couples have been designed to help couples integrate powerful principles that will help them take their relationship to another level. Life is exciting and joyful when we feel connected to our life partner.

As Marriage and Family therapists, we have devoted our careers to helping couples thrive in relationship. It is our belief that when a couple intentionally makes the sacred space of relationship emotionally safe, connection is deepened, growth and healing occur and joy is experienced.

You are invited to join us on this magical 21-Day Meditation Journey for Couples transforming the way you love yourself and the way you love your partner.  – Dr. Margie and Dr. Dave McKeon

Free Guided Meditation By Margie And Dave

Free Guided Meditation By Margie And Dave

Please enjoy this brief guided meditation from the 21-Day Mediations for Couples CD.

“A conscious relationship is a spiritual path which leads us home again to joy and aliveness, to the feeling of oneness we started out with.”<

– Harville Hendrix, PhD.

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